Current Overview

Organization Analysis

Design Concept

Design Production


  •   Discuss with the customer about their needs and how we can help.
  •   Create a general site map, break down time involved, and make suggestions.
  •   Define budgets and costs.
  •   Establish schedule.
  •   Collect information.

Site Mapping & Concept
  •   Refine and create a solid site map to use as an outline for the Web Site.
  •   Develop architecture and navigation.
  •   Create general look and feel on paper.
  •   Present concepts to the client. Make adjustments to the selected concept.

  •   Design a unique look and feel of the Web Site. This is approximately 1-2 pages.
  •   Present the design to the client for comments.
  •   After the client's feedback, make the appropriate revisions.
  •   Refine and develop Details.
  •   Once the general look and feel design is approved, create and upload 1-2 pages up on the Internet. This is a private space for the customer.
  •   Test for usability and functionality, and present to the client.

  •   Create rest of the design.
  •   Program and implement the rest of the technical infrastructure.
  •   Test the completed Web Site for layout, usability, and functionality.
  •   Upload the completed Web Site on the Internet and present to the client.
  •   Make the necessary final adjustments and refinements.

  •   Go live using client's own domain name.
  •   Follow up to assess productivity of the Web Site, for new opportunities, and for any additional help or questions the customer might have.